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"I can't help but feel life is a big canvas, my path is already drawn on it, and I'm only painting the scenery..."
Joumana Haswany

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My journey started with a BA in Advertising from Saint Joseph University – Beirut in 1992.

I then held various posts in several agencies and production houses, even established my own production house, only to realize that something huge was missing from my life. It took me a trip to the Musée d'Orsay and an up-close and personal encounter with impressionism to reignite my childhood passion for painting. I turned my attention to art, and dedicated day and night to study the masters of art, their brush strokes and choice of colors.

Although my ability to paint was always present, it started expressing itself in 2004, out of a burning desire to share a multitude of emotional bursts. 

Encouraged by family and friends, I prepared my first solo painting exhibition, "Senses and Sincerity", in 2009. It was a huge success, the feedback was amazing, and it was the first time I got to feel firsthand the opinions of the general public.

In May-June 2014, my work was selected and shown in the most prestigious gallery in Barbizon France, Besharat Gallery, next to internationally acclaimed artists such as Steve Mc Curry, Antoni Taule, Mauro Corda, Jean-Francois Larrieu and other eminent names. 

My last exhibition, "Of Dreams, Earth and Fire", was held in November 2014 in The Holy Spirit University Kaslik (USEK), Lebanon, under the high patronage of His Excellency Mr. Rony Araiji, the Minister of Culture. It was a tremendously huge success, generating coverage from the major media outlets in the region. But the highlight of it all, was the selection of my painting "Quadisha" to be included in the Ministry of Culture's national heritage book.

On October and November 2015 was held in Paris the opening of my art exhibition “Dream, Earth, and Fire" organized by PR and Events agency “Noise SARL”. This exhibition is the first to be held in Paris which further endorses my international standing.
The exhibition has been inaugurated at the prestigious Parisian “Art Dalia Gallery”. The event was marked by the presence of eminent French and Lebanese figures, headed by the Chargé d’Affaires of the Lebanese Embassy in France, Mr. Ghadi Khoury, the prominent international French Haute Couture Designer, Mr. Nabil Hayari, and the CEO of Hayari Paris, Mr. Hugues Alard, alongside a number of distinguished guests including patrons, art enthusiasts, journalists, diplomats, French businessmen, as well as numerous members of the Lebanese community in Paris.

My work is inspired from my daily experience in a country torn by wars and sorrows, yet also full of hopeful tomorrows!
I believe that when anxiety and pain compel me to stop, my fire and passion motivate me to pick up again... and what a true blessing it is!
Joumana Matar Haswany




"De Rêve, de Terre et de Feu"
At The Cedars, Enchanted
من الأرز، أرز الرّبّ
Joumana Haswany
Édition A. Antoine

This book is an outburst of emotions,
a trip into rhyming words and colors,
kept light, heartfelt, and abundant with genuine feelings.
I wish you a pleasant journey...

Written in English, French, Arabic,
and in a fourth "language":
my oil paintings.
Available at Librairie Antoine
all branches and 70 other points of sale.
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Book News

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At the Cedars, Enchanted
De Rêve, de Terre et de Feu
من الأرز، أرز الرّبّ
by the Painter Joumana Haswany

Under the patronage of the Head of the National Commission for Lebanese Women, Mrs. Claudine Aoun Roukoz, artist Joumana Haswany signed her first book entitled “De Rêve, de Terre et de Feu; At the Cedars,Enchanted; من الأرز، أرز الرّب”, on Friday November 10, 2017, atthe 24th edition of Francophone Book Fair in Biel, with the support of Librairie Antoine, which published this special and deeply moving book.

Just as the green bud that grows to develop into a beautiful flower, Joumana Haswany started her journey in arts about 13 years ago. She learned how to paint by herself and went onlooking for her inner self in the secrets of her life, drawing from the depths of nature paintings and drawings that instantiate her joy and strength, as well as her sadness and weakness. Joumanaparticipated in numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Lebanon and abroad, along with internationally renownedartists, at the Holy Spirit University – Kaslik, the Art Dalia Gallery – Paris, owned by the artist Dalia El Fayed, Dodi El Fayed’s sister and the Besharat Gallery – Barbizon, one of the most prestigious art galleries in the world.

The two exhibitions held in Paris and at the Holy Spirit University – Kaslik were entitled “Of Dreams, Earth, and Fire”, gave rise to Joumana’s first book, bearing the same title, and hiding various meanings between its lines, thus generating poem, prose, and life. According to Joumana, the title of the book reflects its content and embodies her own way of understanding life as she perceives it, and in fact represents thelife of this inspired and beautiful artist. Everything starts with a dream. But once this dream disappears, we also do. It is a dream that can only be realized on earth through struggle and hard work, fueled by passion, represented by fire.

It is this passion that Joumana found in her dialogue with her paintings, and in her love towards her family and her country. This book is written in three languages: Arabic, French, and English. The fourth language is the language of oil paintings, through which Joumana transmits her feelings, while making them bright and alive. Among the beautiful poetic passages that Joumana has written in her book, is this verse in which she says “Relive the memories and bask in the beauty of the feelings, even though it is just that”.

Joumana found a source for her passion and her capacities in Mother Nature, which is not merely any nature, but is the nature of the Cedars deemed as inherent to her being and considered as an echo for her life and an inspiration for her brush. Joumana’s book depicts pictures of her amazing drawings taken from natural landscapes such as the trees, the sky, the hills, the mountains, and the valleys, namely the Qadisha valley, in addition to many portraits in different parts of the book. Joumana says “I am glad we met again. I keep playing it over and over in my mind… And the wind whistles the cold melody of winter”. What makes this book so special is that, through its pictures and content, it constitutes the result of a unified work of an artist who mixes her feelings and emotions among the drawings of the book and its texts. In this context, it is worth noting that the poems of the book, instigate the reader and run in his veins for the huge impact they have on him. They are lively poems that speak to their readers and push them to discover their deepest meanings.

The crowd who attended the exhibition included a number of prominent figures and a large number of journalists and reporters. Media and public relations assistance was provided by NOISE PR Firm LLC in preparation for this book. Adyar, the leading Lebanese organic winemaking brand also offered its support. The successful event received extensive media coverage. In addition, Joumana held the second signature of her book at Amioun on December 15, 2017, in the presence of the region’s main actors and a number of lawmakers.

Joumana held a third book signing of her book at Antelias, المهرجان اللبناني للكتاب، on March 11, 2018, and a fourth one at Brummana High School, on March 24, 2018.

Recently the book was chosen to be featured on the Lebanese stand at the Salon du Livre de Paris from 16 to 19 March.
Joumana dedicated her book on Sunday March 18.

The book signing in Paris was a real success marked by the presence of many people of influence markedly His Excellency Mr Rami Adwan, the ambassador of Lebanon in France who conveyed the artist to assist at the first convention EDL Europe that will be held in The Westin Paris, Vendôme, on the 7th of April.

Another book signing will take place in Paris during the “Journée du Liban en France” on the 18th, 19th and 20th of May, and during an upcoming exhibition in the Office du Tourisme in Paris, hopefully in June, and under the patronage H.E.Mr. Rami Adwan.

The artist was also conveyed to exhibit in Milan, in its famous district “Navigli”; focal point of atelier and artistic activities.

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